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, police had to help 10 people to found the people stuck. >>> two people died in texas when lightning struck a tree surrounded by spectators at a texas came. streets have been flooded leaving homeowners with a soggy mess. >>> storms were scattered. you say behind the storms, could be a change in the weather. >> yes. we are going to be dealing with a few showers and thunderstorms as we go throughout the day. that will continue as we go throughout the week, it's going to be hot and humid. we will have lots of energy to work with. the satellite and radar, not a lot going on across the nation. like you said, dealing with scattered showers, popping up as we go through time. we will see more of that possible in to this afternoon. look at the satellite and radar, my eye is on this cell, thunderstorm diving down to pennsylvania, that could make its way in to the area through the morning and also the afternoon. we will see if that fizzles out. one isolated storm we will be talking about. we will have a chance for more in to the afternoon. the heat and the humidity the main concern as we go th
of angry passengers at an airport in dallas, texas. they had to make an emergency landing after a cease disruption on their flight. ñ' >>> five things you need to know on this tuesday morning. leaders from maryland food bank and at&t will open a new network enhancing connectivity, allowing the staff to be in contact with one another throughout the workday. >>> stephanie rawlings blake is joining notre dame helping kick off the national cancer prevention study, the american cancer society is looking for volunteers to help researchers understand the genetic environmental and lifestyle factors that cause and prevent cancer. president obama and his wife are on the campaign trail. first lady in florida for events in orlando and miami. the president is rallying supporters in cedar rapids, iowa. republican in nominee, mitt romney, a town hall meeting this afternoon. new report reveals areas in the u.s. where houses are being sold where homeowners owe less than a hundred dollars in overdue property taxes. according to the report the most at risk include elderly and poor homeowners, also those
. this is in dallas texas. as a result two people had to go to the hospital, the driver on paid leave, that crash is under investigation. people driving around york road can expect more congestion today, that water main that broke on wednesday was fix and had broke on thursday and was fixed again. southbound lane will be closed until the road is repaired, and repaving is complete. >>> starting tomorrow going through the weekend, the african-american festival we were going it talk about earlier in the show, let's talk about it now, one of the big issues this morning and all weekend long is going to be the sherrie johnson live this morning for information you need to know not only about the festival but the heat. >> reporter: we are live here at the stadium, this weekend the african-american festival kicks off and starts tomorrow at noon. this morning i have shaloda with gray bow media. good morning, this is so exciting, the 35th year for this festival, its changed names but still a wonderful event, over 5000 people attend this event yearly, one of the biggest festivals on the east coast clearly. t
of dogs had been seized in a pit bull sanctuary in texas. now rescuers say the dogs were living in filth. they were living in cramped tight cages, some were actually laying in their own waste. authorities say that they were alerted to the situation by a former employee of the sanctuary. the dogs are being treated and evaluated by vets. >>> all right, how far would you go to avoid jail time? in indiana it was one faking his own death. wade mers berger left a fake suicide note on a bridge railing last month but instead of going down below he actually started posting on youtube. he was tracked down on tuesday night. he came up with the man after finding out he would have to go back to prison for voting his parole. -- violating his parole. >>> all themed was a roof of -- they wanted was a roof over their heads. >> preston mitch um caught up with a baltimore family who has the community to thank for making their dreams come true. >> reporter: a heartfelt reunion -- >> i treat my students at school like they are my own kids. >> reporter: back in june, abc2 news brought you the story of darlene
. he is going to be at a federal mental health facility in fort worth texas and further examination. he's expected another hearing sometime in august. -- expected to have another hearing sometime in august. >>> if you look closely you can see a dog on the cliff in oregon. it took rescuers several hours to get daisy to safety. crews tried to lower a trap containing food to get her out but that didn't work. they climbed down the mountain and rescued her. the owner says she disappeared about a week ago and it's unclear how daisy ended up on the cliff. >>> while you might be stock up on 4th of july celebration items, there are stores stocking up on something else. >> they are hearing the sounds of school bells, school bells and it's july 4th. we have the story. >> reporter: pools, picnics and pyrotechnicians have place at the summer table. >> i didn't come here for back to school supplies. >> reporter: but summer make room for sales of back to school bags, books and bics bombarding customers in this target in lehigh county noid july 4th. my good-- >> it's only july 4th they are rushing it.
, an 18 wheeler. this is the world's largest smoker and grill stopped by in texas for the fourth of july holiday. the history channel. the owner of the grill was a former big rig driver and people were able to take that rig and the truck is loaded with charcoal and wood. that my friend -- that's fantastic. is a smoker. let me tell you something. something about the open flame and raw meat. grills. >> how -- think about the burgerric make out of that -- you can make out of that thing you know? >> all the burgers. you got to accommodate for that you got the roll. >> send that over to channel 2. nice little cookout in the back. >> maybe too hot for a cookout today though. >> never too hot for a cookout. >> really? >> never too hot. >> you dropped the man card and said 100-degree temperatures? i don't care. >> exactly. here's what's going on this morning and not bad out there. mr. charlie there sir. nice shot downtown. we had a great night festivities fireworks went off. without a hitch. and we were talking about some storms well down to the south. take a look at them drifting well down towa
a crash in south texas. that happened in the town of goal add 100 -- goal goe lee add in -- goliad. all victims were in the same pickup truck. police are not saying how bad conditions are this morning. >>> it's 4:32. we are getting new information out of aurora colorado. that shooting that killed 12 and injured 58. james holmes sits in solitary confinement and the president arrived in colorado sunday offering support and condolences to those who lost their lives. sherrie johnson is here this morning and many of us couldn't take our eyes off the newsreports as they kept unfolding this past weekend. >> reporter: that's right. we learned this morning 24-year- old james holmes, theaccused shooter will appear in court. university of colorado officials are look into whether he used his position to collect hazardous materials. officials are not saying whether they knew the suspect in a mass theater shooting was anything more than a hard work student. holmes has not been cooperating with police and they say it could take months to learn the exact motive for his alleged attack. early friday on a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7